About Art Display Co.

Our Story

Founded by Gunther Kilsheimer in 1947, Art Display Company’s philosophy remains true to his vision: bring our clients into a creative process resulting in not just a sign, but a Sign of Distinction.

Today, Gunther’s son Douglas and his two children, Casey and Brandon, operate Art Display Co. with an unwavering commitment to uphold the founding ideals of their father and grandfather.
Our team of professionals coordinates every phase of your project from design to permitting, construction, and installation. We recognize that each project brings its own unique design requirements, and we bring over 73 years of experience to the table. We promise to uphold the excellence demanded by our founder.


  • Doug Kilsheimer: President
  • Mohamad Natour: General Manager
  • Casey Kilsheimer: Vice President of Operations
  • Richard Danoy: Vice President of Sales
  • Brandon Kilsheimer: Purchasing Agent
  • Monica Kilsheimer: Treasurer
  • James Scanlon: Installation Manager

Account Executives

  • Ben Biroonak
  • Bob Biroonak
  • Maria Laudenbach
  • Joe Nacson
  • Rommel Puschendorf
  • Dominic Young

Project Mangers

  • Leigh Bell
  • Alex Davis
  • Robin Gustafson
  • Jason Poupard
  • Steve Smith
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